A technique for fear

Your fear does not allow you to go deeply into anything….

Two things: one is, every night for forty minutes live your fear.

Just sit in the room, turn the light off and start becoming afraid. Think of all kinds of horrible things — ghosts and demons and whatsoever you can imagine.

Create them, imagine that they are dancing around you and trying to grab you… all evil forces.

Become really shaken up by your own imagination and go to the very extreme of imagination.

They are killing you, they are trying to rape you, they are suffocating you!!

And not one or two, many; from every side they are doing things to you. Get into the fear as deeply as possible, and whatsoever happens go through it.

You have repressed fear in your childhood; you have been trying to be brave. You have always been against fear so you have created a facade of bravado.

But that is only a mask; deep down you are a small child still afraid. So throw the mask and become the child.

Do this meditation every day for at least one week.

And the second thing: in the day time or at any other time, whenever fear arises, accept it; don’t reject it.

Don’t think that it is something wrong that you have to overcome; it is natural.

By accepting it and by expressing it at night, things will start changing.

Osho – Don’t Bite My Finger, Look Where I’m Pointing

A Darshan Diary


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