Let bliss be your meditation.

_(Osho gives a meditation on how to be sensitive and find bliss in every moment.)_

Let bliss be your meditation.

In each moment find something to be blissful about, and there are infinite possibilities opening each moment.

A cuckoo starts calling from the distance or just a bird on the wing, in the cloudless sky… or the wind passing through the trees and the music that is created by the passing wind, or the sound of running water, or the stars… or the moon or the sun, or so many people, beautiful people, animals, birds, rocks.

Never miss any opportunity — find something! Even with closed eyes, touch a rock and feel its texture, and you will be immensely blissful.

People are living very insensitive lives, they go on not looking at all at what is happening all around them. The bird goes on singing and they are deaf, a beautiful sunset… and they are blind.

The world is really incredibly beautiful! It is unbelievably beautiful.

It is a miracle — it is just that we have to be a little more sensitive, more open, more vulnerable.

This is your meditation; and if you can find bliss you will have found Godd

_“Don’t Let Yourself Be Upset by the Sutra, rather Upset the Sutra Yourself”_