Sitting silently

Let me explain the basic, the very basic of meditation to you.

Whenever you are sitting, just sit silently like a statue. Just feel spacious… that you are space.

I am not saying that from the very beginning thoughts will disappear or feelings won’t arise. They have their momentum, they have been always there, so they will continue for the time being, but you remain indifferent, unattached. If a thought arises let it be so but keep your space undisturbed.

The thought will arise like a bubble on the surface of your space and will be gone because no thought can stick for long; it is very momentary.

So no need to be antagonistic; if a thought arises just watch it very indifferently, as if you are utterly unconcerned. If it arises, okay; you don’t have any prejudice, you don’t have any liking, disliking.

When you like and dislike, you invite, you attract, you rebel, you react. When liking and disliking is no more there, a thought will arise out of the old momentum.

The old habit dies hard… it will come because of the old habit; you remain unconcerned. It will come and it will go.

You will see it coming, confronting you, waiting for your attitude of being friendly or antagonistic, or something. The thought will wait and look at you, but don’t be concerned at all.

If it stays, good, if it goes, good: don’t have any say, don’t say anything, and you will see it going.

When it has gone there is again silence.

Again a thought will arise, but if one remains indifferent by and by bigger intervals will happen: a thought will pass and another will not be coming. There will be a bigger gap and the gap widens and by and by and slowly, slowly, one day one is simply surprised: minutes have passed and not a single thought has arisen, no desire has arisen, no dream has flashed.

Then you will have for the first time the taste of what I mean by space, spaciousness, emptiness.

And once you have tasted it, it is incomparable. No life experience can be compared to it; not even the orgasm, the sexual orgasm, has anything in it compared to that inner space.

It is very orgasmic, it is tremendous joy and at the same time very cool — great ecstasy without any excitement. And that is the beauty of it: when excitement comes, ecstasy is disturbed.

When the mind is no more there — when the tiny mind has disappeared, that tiny self is no more there, when nothing defines you and you are infinite — you are out of your small self, you are standing as if out of yourself, out of the old self and just watching the thoughts unconcerned. This is going to happen.

So give more and more time to it. Whenever you have any time, just sit silently; this way is perfectly good.

*Far Beyond the Stars*
(A Darshan Diary)


Freedom from wandering mind

[A sannyasin says: I have so many problems with my mind in every meditation — I can’t stop it!]

Start doing one thing: every day, for one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon, sit and say whatsoever comes in the mind, loudly. So that not only do you think it, you hear it.

Whatsoever it is — if nonsense comes, let it: you are not to edit it and you are not to make it beautiful because it is not meant to be a performance; it has to be that which is inside.

If a few words come — and they will — if the sentence is not even complete and the words stop, then stop; don’t complete it. Then if something else comes, say that. But whatsoever comes, just watch it, articulate it, say it… whatsoever it is!

You have that garbage in the mind, it has to be thrown. You don’t throw it so it goes on revolving inside. Nothing is a problem; you are creating a problem.

People go on keeping that garbage, they don’t throw it. It is as if you are accumulating garbage in your house and you don’t throw it outside so it stinks and when it becomes too much you are disturbed. Wherever you move it is always there and everywhere you come across it. It has to be thrown!

The mind creates a certain garbage just as the body does — it is part of life. You eat something: a part of it is digested — becomes your blood, your bones, your flesh, your marrow — but ninety percent of it is just rubbish that has to be thrown out.

If you don’t throw it you will accumulate it in your stomach and then you will be creating poison for your body.

The mind functions in exactly the same way on a subtle plane.

You hear somebody talk, you are hearing me talk, you read a book, you are in the market, you listen to people, you see a movie, you listen to the radio, you read the newspaper, all this is going in. Part of it will be digested — a very small part of it is worth digesting; the remaining — what will you do with it? It will go on revolving.

That’s why you know that the content is not important: the content is not important. When somebody is constipated it is not that he is holding gold in his stomach — it is just rubbish, excreta. And that’s what goes on moving in the mind: excreta.

First many thoughts will come. After a few days you will see thoughts are not coming but only fragmentary words… not even thoughts but just words.

Then by and by you will start feeling that even words are no more coming but sounds — gibberish. When gibberish starts coming, come back; then you have touched the right level.

Now thoughts are not coming, words are not coming, gibberish is coming. That means that much is cleaned and then meditation will be easy.

This you have to continue at least for six months — this will be your meditation — and you will be completely free

*Far Beyond the Stars*
(A Darshan Diary)

Pant like a dog

It is difficult to work with anger directly because it may be deeply repressed. So work indirectly. Running will help much anger and much fear to evaporate. When you are running for a long time and breathing deeply, the mind stops functioning and the body takes over.

And a small exercise will be very helpful. Whenever somebody is not going below the stomach, below the belly, is somehow superficial, he can walk and pant like a dog. He can let his tongue be out and hang down, and go around just like a dog and pant.

The whole passage will become open. Whenever somebody has some block there, panting can be very significant. If he pants for half an hour, his anger will flow very beautifully. His whole body will become involved in it.

So you can try this in your room sometimes. You can use a mirror and bark and growl at it. Within three weeks you will feel things going very very deeply. Once anger is relaxed, gone, you will feel free.

Osho – Orange Book


Tratak – the technique of gazing

IF you look at a flame for a long time for a few months, one hour every day, your third eye starts functioning perfectly. You become more alert, more lightfilled.

The word tratak comes from the root which means tears, so you have to look at the flame until tears start flowing from the eyes. Go on staring, unblinking, and the third eye will start vibrating.

The technique of gazing is not concerned really with the object, it is concerned with gazing itself. Because when you stare without blinking your eyes, you become focussed, and the nature of the mind is to be constantly moving. If you are really gazing, not moving at all, the mind is bound to be in a difficulty.

The nature of the mind is to move from one object to another, to move constantly. If you are gazing at darkness or at light or at something else, if you are really gazing, the movement of the mind stops. Because if the mind goes on moving, your gaze will not be there; you will go on missing the object. When the mind has moved somewhere else, you will forget, you will not be able to remember what you were looking at. The object will be there physically, but for you it will have disappeared because you are not there; you have moved in thought.

Gazing means, tratak means, not allowing your consciousness to move. And when you are not allowing the mind to move, in the beginning it struggles, struggles hard, but if you go on practicing gazing, by and by the mind loses struggling. For moments it stops.

And when mind stops there is no mind, because mind can exist only in movement, thinking can exist only in movement. When there is no movement, thinking disappears, you cannot think, because thinking means movement – moving from one thought to another. It is a process.

If you gaze continuously at one thing, fully aware and alert … because you can gaze through dead eyes, then you can go on thinking – only eyes, dead eyes, not looking. Just with dead men’s eyes you can look, but your mind will be moving. That will not be of any help. Gazing means not only your eyes, but your total mind focused through the eyes.

So whatsoever the object – it depends: if you like light, it is okay, if you can like darkness, good. Whatsoever the object, deeply it is irrelevant – the question is to stop the mind completely in your gaze, to focus it, so the inner movement, the fidgeting, stops; the inner wavering stops. You are simply looking, not doing anything.

That deep looking will change you completely. It will become a meditation.

Mirror Gazing

Close the doors of your room and put a big mirror just in front of you. The room must be dark. And then put a small flame by the side of the mirror in such a way that it is not directly reflected in it. Just your face is reflected in the mirror, not the flame. Then constantly stare into your own eyes in the mirror. Do not blink.

This is a forty-minute experiment, and within two or three days you will be able to keep your eyes unblinking. Even if tears come, let them come, but persist in not blinking and go on staring constantly into your eyes. Do not change the stare. Go on staring into the eyes, your own, and within two or three days you will become aware of a very strange phenomenon. Your face will begin to take new shapes. You may even be scared. The face in the mirror will begin to change. Sometimes a very different face will be there which you have never known as yours.

But, really, all these faces belong to you. Now the subconscious mind is beginning to explode. These faces, these masks, are yours. Sometimes even a face that belongs to a past life may come in. After one week of constant staring for forty minutes, your face will become a flux, just a film-like flux. Many faces will be coming and going constantly.

After three weeks, you will not be able to remember which is your face. You will not be able to remember your own face, because you have seen so many faces coming and going.

If you continue, then any day, after three weeks, the most strange thing happens: suddenly there is no face in the mirror. The mirror is vacant, you are staring into emptiness. There is no face at all.

This is the moment: close your eyes, and encounter the unconscious. You will be naked – completely naked, as you are. All deceptions will fall.

Finding your star

GET more and more in tune with the stars. Whenever there are stars in the night and the night is clear, just lie down on the earth and look at the stars. If you feel attached to a certain star, then concentrate on that. While concentrating on that think of yourself as being a small lake and that the star is reflected deep inside you. So see the star outside and see it reflected inside you. This will become your meditation and a great joy will arise out of it. Once you get in tune with it you can simply close your eyes and see that star, your star; but first you have to find it.

In the East they have a myth that everybody has a certain star. All those stars are not for everybody, everybody has a particular star. That myth is beautiful.

As far as meditation is concerned, you can find one star which belongs to you and to which you belong. There will arise a certain affinity between you and the star because we are made of light, as are the stars. We vibrate as light as do the stars. You can always find a star with which you simply feel in tune, which is on the same wave-length. That is your star; meditate over it. By and by allow it inside. Look at it, then close your eyes and see it within. Open your eyes; look at it. Close your eyes; see it within. Soon you will find it is within you. Then whenever you close your eyes you will find it there.

And when you start feeling it inside, feel it just near the navel; two inches below the navel. Deposit it there; go on depositing it and soon you will feel great light arising inside you as if a star has already in reality burst forth; and it will not be only that you feel it, others will start feeling it – that a certain kind of light has started surrounding your body, your face has become it. Just look for a few nights and you will be able to find your star.

Full moon meditation

The next time the full moon is due, start this three days before. Go outside in the open sky, look at the moon and start swaying. Just feel as if you have left everything to the moon – become possessed.
Look at the moon, relax and say to it that you are available, and ask the moon to do whatsoever it wants. Then whatsoever happens, allow it.
If you feel like swaying, sway, or if you feel like dancing or singing, do that. But the whole thing should be as if you are possessed – you are not the doer – it is just happening. You are just an instrument being played upon.
Do this for the three days before the full moon, and as the moon becomes fuller and fuller you will start feeling more and more energy. You will feel more and more possessed. By the full moon night you will be completely mad. With just one hour’s dancing and madness, you will feel relaxed as you have never been before.