Sitting silently

Let me explain the basic, the very basic of meditation to you.

Whenever you are sitting, just sit silently like a statue. Just feel spacious… that you are space.

I am not saying that from the very beginning thoughts will disappear or feelings won’t arise. They have their momentum, they have been always there, so they will continue for the time being, but you remain indifferent, unattached. If a thought arises let it be so but keep your space undisturbed.

The thought will arise like a bubble on the surface of your space and will be gone because no thought can stick for long; it is very momentary.

So no need to be antagonistic; if a thought arises just watch it very indifferently, as if you are utterly unconcerned. If it arises, okay; you don’t have any prejudice, you don’t have any liking, disliking.

When you like and dislike, you invite, you attract, you rebel, you react. When liking and disliking is no more there, a thought will arise out of the old momentum.

The old habit dies hard… it will come because of the old habit; you remain unconcerned. It will come and it will go.

You will see it coming, confronting you, waiting for your attitude of being friendly or antagonistic, or something. The thought will wait and look at you, but don’t be concerned at all.

If it stays, good, if it goes, good: don’t have any say, don’t say anything, and you will see it going.

When it has gone there is again silence.

Again a thought will arise, but if one remains indifferent by and by bigger intervals will happen: a thought will pass and another will not be coming. There will be a bigger gap and the gap widens and by and by and slowly, slowly, one day one is simply surprised: minutes have passed and not a single thought has arisen, no desire has arisen, no dream has flashed.

Then you will have for the first time the taste of what I mean by space, spaciousness, emptiness.

And once you have tasted it, it is incomparable. No life experience can be compared to it; not even the orgasm, the sexual orgasm, has anything in it compared to that inner space.

It is very orgasmic, it is tremendous joy and at the same time very cool — great ecstasy without any excitement. And that is the beauty of it: when excitement comes, ecstasy is disturbed.

When the mind is no more there — when the tiny mind has disappeared, that tiny self is no more there, when nothing defines you and you are infinite — you are out of your small self, you are standing as if out of yourself, out of the old self and just watching the thoughts unconcerned. This is going to happen.

So give more and more time to it. Whenever you have any time, just sit silently; this way is perfectly good.

*Far Beyond the Stars*
(A Darshan Diary)


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