Use sleep as meditation

An experiment suggested by Osho can allow us to slip into a very fruitful meditation while we sleep. Amrit Sadhana writes about this experiment and tells how to perform it …

Sleep is a mysterious realm which can be used in many ways for awakening. It carries all the secrets of our motions and emotions that occurred during the day. In fact sleep has a peculiar quality which allows us to wake up with the same thought that we had last, before falling to sleep. This quality could be used to enhance some positive trait. Osho has suggested an experiment which could allow us to slip into a deep and effortless meditation while we sleep. He says, if we want to develop ‘witnessing’ or sakshibhav within, then each night, just before sleeping, we should silently repeat the word ‘witnessing’ and recall the space and the energyfield. On waking up we’ll find that it is the first thought in our minds. It is important to create the space and not just the word as it is the space that we experience during the meditation. With this experiment we are trying to make the mind remember that when we wakeup the first thought should be of witnessing and the whole space of witnessing. Even if we were to fall asleep during the process, the mind will go on repeating the word and the space. The whole night turns into a meditative session with the space present as an undercurrent. Here are few tips that we could keep in mind while practicing this meditation:-
Try not to count the number of times the word is repeated.Try not to worry about the sleep. Simply enjoy the space Allison Choppick of ‘witnessing’ and allow the sleep to merge with it
After a point we’ll be able to hear a faraway echo and before time we’ll forget all about witnessing This experiment allows us to convert the six to eight hours of sleep into a fruitful meditation session. The experiment could be taken as successful if on awakening we find that the first thought that envelopes us is that of ‘witnessing’. The same style of meditation could be tried with other qualities such as love, joy, compassion, courage and so on.

Taken from an Article in The Times of India by Amrit Sadhana