Finding your star

GET more and more in tune with the stars. Whenever there are stars in the night and the night is clear, just lie down on the earth and look at the stars. If you feel attached to a certain star, then concentrate on that. While concentrating on that think of yourself as being a small lake and that the star is reflected deep inside you. So see the star outside and see it reflected inside you. This will become your meditation and a great joy will arise out of it. Once you get in tune with it you can simply close your eyes and see that star, your star; but first you have to find it.

In the East they have a myth that everybody has a certain star. All those stars are not for everybody, everybody has a particular star. That myth is beautiful.

As far as meditation is concerned, you can find one star which belongs to you and to which you belong. There will arise a certain affinity between you and the star because we are made of light, as are the stars. We vibrate as light as do the stars. You can always find a star with which you simply feel in tune, which is on the same wave-length. That is your star; meditate over it. By and by allow it inside. Look at it, then close your eyes and see it within. Open your eyes; look at it. Close your eyes; see it within. Soon you will find it is within you. Then whenever you close your eyes you will find it there.

And when you start feeling it inside, feel it just near the navel; two inches below the navel. Deposit it there; go on depositing it and soon you will feel great light arising inside you as if a star has already in reality burst forth; and it will not be only that you feel it, others will start feeling it – that a certain kind of light has started surrounding your body, your face has become it. Just look for a few nights and you will be able to find your star.


Full moon meditation

The next time the full moon is due, start this three days before. Go outside in the open sky, look at the moon and start swaying. Just feel as if you have left everything to the moon – become possessed.
Look at the moon, relax and say to it that you are available, and ask the moon to do whatsoever it wants. Then whatsoever happens, allow it.
If you feel like swaying, sway, or if you feel like dancing or singing, do that. But the whole thing should be as if you are possessed – you are not the doer – it is just happening. You are just an instrument being played upon.
Do this for the three days before the full moon, and as the moon becomes fuller and fuller you will start feeling more and more energy. You will feel more and more possessed. By the full moon night you will be completely mad. With just one hour’s dancing and madness, you will feel relaxed as you have never been before.

The Guillotine Meditation

ONE of the most beautiful tantra meditations: walk and think that the head is no more there, just the body.

Sit and think that the head is no more there, just the body.

Continuously remember that the head is not there.

Visualize yourself without the head. Have a picture of yourself enlarged without the head; look at it. Let your mirror be lowered in the bathroom so when you see, you cannot see your head, just the body.

A few days of remembrance and you will feel such weightlessness happening to you, such tremendous silence, because it is the head that is the problem. If you can conceive of yourself as headless – and that can be conceived, there is no trouble in it – then more and more you will be centered in the heart.

Just this very moment you can visualize yourself headless. Then you will understand what I am saying immediately.

Osho – Orange Book

Making decisions

It will be difficult for you to remain positive always and continuously. Sometimes you will be open and sometimes you will be closed.

But that is nothing to be worried about. That is a rhythm, a rhythm just like day and night.

What is needed, what is a must, is to accept the rhythm of the positive and the negative.

Once you understand that this is a rhythm, a natural phenomenon of the mind, then there is no problem in it — you relax.

One thing more to be remembered: never decide anything when you are in the negative phase, that’s all.

Never decide anything when you are in the negative phase and then you will never repent; there will be no need to repent.

Decision has to be made only when one is in a positive phase.

Just as you decide in the day not in the night when you are deep asleep — then you don’t decide — always decide when you are happy, open, flowing.

Then your decisions will be right; you cannot decide wrongly, it is impossible to be wrong in those moments.

When you are negative, withdrawn, sad, depressed, remember only one thing: no decision. Let this pass. Accept it — it is part of nature — but don’t decide in these moments.

The lucky people are those who have learned the knack of deciding in the positive moment, and unlucky are those who have somehow fallen into the trap of deciding in the negative moment.

Osho – *‘Don’t Look Before You Leap’*

Remedy for rock-like stomach

The majority of people suffer from this rocklike stomach.

It is the cause of a thousand and one illnesses — physical, mental, both — because the stomach is the centre where your psychology and your physiology meet; they meet at the navel.

The navel is the contact point between the psychology and the physiology. So if around the navel the musculature becomes rocklike, you become very divided. Your mind and body become separate; then they are almost two things, with no bridge.

So sometimes you can do a thing which only the mind feels like doing and the body is not ready for.

For example, you can eat: the body is not hungry but you can go on eating because the mind is enjoying the taste. It will not know how the body is feeling because the feeling is cut; there is no bridge.

Sometimes it can happen that you are so much engaged in playing cards or seeing the movie that the body is hungry and you may not know about it.

Then one remains like two parallel lines, never meeting.

That’s what schizophrenia is, and it is very rare to find a person who is not, in some way, schizophrenic. But one symptom will always be there: a rocklike stomach.

So the first thing to do is: start exhaling deeply. And when you exhale deeply, naturally, you will have to pull the stomach in.

Then relax and let the air rush in. If you have exhaled deeply, the air will rush in with such force. It will go like a hammering.

The second thing: in the morning, after the motion when your stomach is empty, take a dry towel and rub the stomach, massage the stomach. 

Start from the right comer and go around, not otherwise — three to four minutes massage. That will also help to relax.

And the third thing: whenever you can, do a little running. Running will be very good — jogging, running. 

These three things, and within a month this rock will disappear and with it all possibility of schizophrenia will vanish.

Osho – Don’t Look Before You Leap – A Darshan Diary

Let bliss be your meditation.

_(Osho gives a meditation on how to be sensitive and find bliss in every moment.)_

Let bliss be your meditation.

In each moment find something to be blissful about, and there are infinite possibilities opening each moment.

A cuckoo starts calling from the distance or just a bird on the wing, in the cloudless sky… or the wind passing through the trees and the music that is created by the passing wind, or the sound of running water, or the stars… or the moon or the sun, or so many people, beautiful people, animals, birds, rocks.

Never miss any opportunity — find something! Even with closed eyes, touch a rock and feel its texture, and you will be immensely blissful.

People are living very insensitive lives, they go on not looking at all at what is happening all around them. The bird goes on singing and they are deaf, a beautiful sunset… and they are blind.

The world is really incredibly beautiful! It is unbelievably beautiful.

It is a miracle — it is just that we have to be a little more sensitive, more open, more vulnerable.

This is your meditation; and if you can find bliss you will have found Godd

_“Don’t Let Yourself Be Upset by the Sutra, rather Upset the Sutra Yourself”_

Tantra love

While making love, three things have to be remembered. One is: before you make love, meditate. Never make love without meditating, otherwise the love will remain sexual. Before you meet the woman you should rise higher in your consciousness because then the meeting will happen on a higher plane. For at least forty minutes sit looking at the wall with just a very dim light on so that it gives a mysteriousness.

Sit silently and don’t move the body; remain like a statue. Then when you make love, the body will move, so give it another extreme of first being unmoving so the body gathers momentum to move deeply. Then the urge becomes so vibrating that the whole body, every fibre is ready to have a movement. Then only tantric orgasm is possible. You can have some music on… classical music will do; something that gives a very subtle rhythm to the body.

Make the breathing as slow as possible because when you make love the breathing will go deep and fast. So just go on slowing down, but don’t force it, otherwise it will go fast. Simply suggest that it slows down.

Both meditate together and when you are both feeling meditative, that is the moment to love. Then you will never feel tension and energy will be flowing. If you are not feeling meditative, don’t make love. If meditation is not happening that day, forget all about love.

People do simply the opposite. Almost always couples fight before they make love. They become angry, nag each other and bring all sorts of conflict — and then they make love. They fall very low in their consciousnesses, so of course love cannot be very satisfying. It will be frustrating and you will feel a tension.

The second thing is: when you are making love, before you start, worship the partner and let the partner worship you. So after meditation, worship. Face each other totally naked and worship each other, because Tantra cannot be between man and woman. It can only be between a god and a goddess. It is a gesture, but very significant. The whole attitude has to become sublime so that you disappear. Touch each other’s feet, put garlands of flowers there.

The man becomes transformed into Shiva and the woman is transformed into Shakti. Now your humanity is irrelevant, your form is irrelevant, your name is irrelevant; you are just pure energy. Worship brings that energy into focus. And don’t pretend. The worship has to be true. It cannot be just a ritual, otherwise you will miss. Tantra is not a ritual. There is much ritual in it, but Tantra is not ritual.

You can repeat the ritual. You can bow down to her feet and touch them; that won’t help. Let it be a deeply meaningful gesture. Really look at her. She is no more your wife, no more your girlfriend, no more woman, no more body, but a configuration of energy. Let her first become divine, then make love to her. Then love will change its quality. It will become divine. That’s the whole methodology of Tantra.

Then in the third step you make love. But let your making love be more like a happening than like a making. The english expression ‘making love’ is ugly. How can you make love? It is not something like doing; it is not an action. It is a state. You can be in it but you cannot make it. You can move in it but you cannot do it. You can be loving but you cannot manipulate it. The whole western mind tries to manipulate everything.

Even if the western mind comes to find God someday, God will be in trouble. They will harness Him in some way or other, manipulate Him. They will put Him to some use, some utilitarian purpose. Even love has become a sort of doing. No.

When you make love, be possessed. Move slowly, touch each other’s bodies; play with each other’s bodies. The body is like a musical instrument. Don’t be in a hurry. Let things grow. If you move slowly, suddenly both your energies will rise together, as if something has possessed you. It will happen instantly and simultaneously together. Then only Tantra is possible. Move now into love.